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Eva Ng

Eva Ng is a natural intuitive, gifted author and notably visionary life strategist. Eva Ng is affectionately called Athena the ‘’ Goddess of Wisdom” by many of her followers.

Eva Ng is the epitomy of acceptance personified. If you have had the fortunate opportunity to simply be in Eva’s space be prepared to be struck by Eva’s simple and yet intuitively brilliant wisdom. She is a walking testament to living a life steeped in spirit and faith. Her wish through the Intuity platform is to now show others how to do the same.

Pascale Seiler

Pascale Seiler is a renowned Intuitive Transformational Coach, Healer, Trainer, Author and Radio Host. She possesses the unique gift to tap into people’s lives through creating a direct channel with your higher wisdom that allows for miracles and transformations to occur. She literally blows the lid or wow’s the pants off what’s possible in her clients’ lives. They are forever altered in her sessions.

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Intuitive Coaching

Pascale Seiler is a renowned intuitive coach, motivational trainer and purposeful author who helps others awaken their divine life purpose and sacred intuition. Pascale uses her inspirational spiritual gifts of insight and prophecy to empower her clients to live a life that is founded on the qualities of love, light and freedom. Her vision is to create a world where people naturally go to their wisdom daily in order to produce real world results in their lives.

About Intuity

Intuity World is a heart-centred organization that is committed to the betterment of life through personal spiritual and emotional growth. We truly believe people will reconnect and live from a place of peace, love and integrity by accessing their internal wisdom, higher self and innate sense of justice and love.

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